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Student Visa

Best Student Visa Consultant in Vadodara

As the name implies, Student Visas are visas assigned to applicants whose primary purpose of visit to the country is the pursuance of education. Unnecessary to say, while gaining admission to the university is very important, these legal documents stand in the way of all your pursuits. Its Immigration Laws rule every country. If you want to apply for a student Visa Consultant in Vadodara, Kripa Overseas Consultancy Services Pvt is the best choice.

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We provide 24/7 support to our clients as we never know when they will need us.

Expert Team

Kripa Overseas Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd is the best Student Visa Consultant in Vadodara, so they have an expert team for each service.

Government Certified

Being the top student Visa Consultant in Vadodara, we provide government-certified services only.

Benefits of Student Visa

Studying abroad needs meticulous preparation. Students are always advised to plan their admission/ application process with university deadlines and working backward. Students are expected to appear for English ability tests as per the university policy and have needed documents in place for the smooth processing of their application. Hence, students are always encouraged to apply for 3-4 months in progress to avoid any last-minute rush. Candidates seeking financial aid, scholarships, and education loans should add another couple of extra months to the process as these applications take more time.

  • 2-Year Post-study Work Visa
  • 3-Year Post-study Visa Extension for Ph.D. students
  • Dependent Work Rights
  • Easy to Find Jobs on the Shortage Occupation List